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Your Visit


Please bring your insurance card and any documents, referral slip, and radiographs from your dentist with you to your appointment with us.  Your first visit will include some paper work to let us get to know you.  It will include a brief personal infomation, insurance, medical history (including medications taken and any drug allergies), and informed consent documentation.  You don't have to worry if you didn't get any radiographs from your general dentist because we always take our own here as well.  You will not incur any additional fees due to radiographs we take and we use digital radiography to minimize any cumulative radiation concerns that you may have.  Taking our own radiographs here ensure that our doctor is able to evaluate the specific region of your dental anatomy as he will be able to see multiple angles from different radiographs if necessary and manipulate the brightness and contrast of the digital images to make the proper diagnosis.  You should expect to be here for about an hour for this initial process in addition to any treatment time as needed.

After Treatment Care


It is expected that some soreness and/or pain may occur after any dental treatment and its severity can be dependent on the pre-existing condition of your tooth and the reason for your endodontic treatment.  Please allow some time for your body's healing process to take place, especially if you have severe pain and swelling prior to treatment.  Normal post treatment discomfort usually last about 7 to 10 days but most patients report 2-3 days of discomfort before it starts to subside.  If you have been prescribed any medication, please take them as directed.  Antibiotics should ben taken as directed until the full course is gone, anti-inflammatory medication (ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin) should be taken consistently for a few days even if you do not have any discomfort, and narcotics (vicodin, codeine) should be taken as needed to alleviate severe dental pain.  It is very important to call your general dentist and schedule an appointment for the final restoration at least a week later to allow sufficient time for your tooth to recover from the treatment.  In addition, please try to stay away from the side of the treated tooth when eating to minimize any risk of fracture until you are able to see your dentist. 

Financial Policy


You will always be informed of any possible fees prior to any treatment being rendered.  We accept many different insurance company plans for your convenience and we will try to obtain estimates from your insurance for your copayments in addition to processing your claims for you .  Keep in mind that these are only estimates given to us by your insurance and they may change depending on, and not limited to, factors such as deductables not met, pending claims by other providers, maximum allowances exceeded, and changes in your benefits by your insurance company.  All claims are consider outstanding and are your responsibility until we are reimbursed by your insurance or received your payment in full.  We accept major credit cards and participate in various Care Credit payment plans for your convenience.

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